Writing has always been a constant in my life and my ability to express through the English language has been refined through years of fictional writing, Instagram captions, anonymous accounts and essays. The pieces fell together when I was confronted with the following question:

Why are you so kind?

The aim of this project is to reflect on how we, as Graphic Designers, can practice kindness in our professional and personal lives. It hopes to build a foundation in understanding the world around us and why we need to be kind. It aims to serve as a reference point to fall back on, when everything seems lost and bleak. When all else fails, just like Windows users use ‘ctrl+alt+del’, humans should be kind. We aren’t cruel by default, we are just taught to be tough and simultaneously, kindness becomes a weakness.

This Degree Project, through its content, talks about vulnerability being a strength and as Graphic Designers, that is one of our greatest gifts. We can connect, empathize, vocalize and react when no one else seems to be able to.  
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