Manmeet Sodhi

Designing an identity is always enjoyable for me, especially when the deliverables are based around a hypothetical events. With Day Dream, I wanted to pay homage to the music genre that has gotten me through hours of designing, help me relax and do a small dance in the street.

After researching and scrolling through Spotify and YouTube, I managed to derive a color palette for the identity. Furthermore, deciding on a shape for the identity was key as it would connect every deliverable within the design. The triangle originated from the tri-fecta that Lo-Fi completes for me. The festival itself was named Day Dream as the genre helps focus and zone into whatever the listener is doing. 

I enjoyed designing for a music festival as some of my best memories reside there. The moments I danced my heart out and screamed lyrics at the top of my lungs, I wanted to create memoirs that the crowd could store for years to come. However with the focus on Type, this project was all about the minute details, readability and the weights. I went through multiple iterations before arriving to conclusion after multiple critique session with classmates and my teacher. It was a long yet rewarding project. 

To improve this further, I would like to expand the identity to some digital marketing material and billboard advertisements as those would bring out my ability to animate and copywrite. Working from scratch, finding a concept and iterating on it gave me an insight into the kind of designer I want to be. Putting equal effort into every concept that comes my way.