Manmeet Sodhi

One thing that I have always carried with me is compartmentalization. It is the ability to isolate and lock away feelings and events so that, atleast for me, they can be dealt with at a later time.

Photography has always been a medium that has allowed me to express without censorship.  I allow myself to be free and now, I use my developing skills in Graphic Design to further my composition and framing techniques. I paired up with a friend to help capture how I felt. It speaks to my journey as a person who travelled between countries, educational institutions and interests. 

I started with creating images I could project over the subject, focusing on the words  “unwanted” and “trapped”.  From the expression to the body language, each shot was composed in my head and I directed the subject accordingly. She gave her own input and we started to work on the fly. It excited me to create work spontaneously, it was vastly different than what I was used to.  The editing process was seamless, as the tone for the project had already set. My aim was to bring out the colors, highlight the facial expression and body language of the model. 

The end result was a successful personal project that fused my love from Photography and Graphic Design. I was proud of my accomplishment but also reluctant to publish it, as it was  close to my heart.  Eventually, I realized that it would help others relate and allow them to feel. I realized that  being kind through design  was an ability worth exercising as frequently as possible.

My degree project originated from this photo series, a passionate project turned research project turned reflective writing. To this day, I look back at this shoot for inspiration as it merged typograpghy, portrait photography and color into experimental art.