Manmeet Sodhi

Linguistics has always been an interesting subject for me, as I grew up listening to different languages, accents, lingo and phrases that didn’t make sense at all. I admire a person’s ability to grasp a language, speak it and make it their own.

The feeling of wonder and curiousity I felt while experiencing this film was what drove this project. After grasping Cinema4D to a respectable extent, I started storyboarding and used stills as reference every step of the way. By sourcing models from Daz3D Studio and using the original soundtrack from the film, I was able to put myself ahead and orient my decisions towards the dark tone of the film. The room that the main characters conversed in, separated from the creatures by frosted glass was the inspiration for the environment. Additionally, After Effects and Premiere Pro played a huge role in the final export of the title sequence. 

A powerful moment in the film was when Amy Adams walked upto the glass and touched it, without heeding any warning. She manifested human curiousity in one simple shot and I was at the edge of my seat. The metaphor of a hand guided me to craft shots that recreated that interaction and with Cinema4D, I was confident that the end result would be as envisioned.

To build on this project, I would like to dip into more complex shots, generative design and use the typographic symbols in the film. Creating those complex shapes and rendering them would be a challenge that I would love to pursue in the future.