Manmeet is a designer that enjoys diving into reasoning and meaning. As a BIPOC designer, he looks beyond the surface and implements his diverse perspective into his professional and personal work. He looks at design with kindness as his anchor. It allows him to be considerate and open to perspectives that go unheard. A considerate and thoughtful design process allows him to care about views that aren’t just his own.

Currently, he is exploring the world of advertising and grasping the balance between timeless and relevant. He enjoys creating design systems that can be repurposed for any format. His curiousity drives him to improve and elevate others around him. A team player at heart, he strives to remove the limitations that his team might face by iterating solutions. He is currently a designer at Johannes Leonardo and teaching DESN-241 at Queens College as an adjunct professor.

Outside of design, Manmeet enjoys taking walks with a cup coffee, bopping to BLACKPINK or LeSserafim and cooking a plethora of recipes that his mother approves of. He enjoys cruising on his nickelboard when the weather allows him to.