Manmeet Sodhi

As a recent graduate with a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design, he is exploring the responsibilities of being a Graphic Designer in the evolving landscape. With an ever-growing curiosity in the components of Graphic Design—he aims to push the boundaries of the field through his jack-of-all trades approach. He isn’t afraid to be the first to try a something new or iterate a project from scratch. 

Alongside his BFA, he completed a concentration in Computation, Tech & Culture. Creative coding, experiential design and interaction design are a few aspects that he has explored through his work. The growing need for technology in our lives and how it affects the nature of Graphic Design are part of his interests as he continues to develop his professional practice. 

He is active in every community that he steps foot in, understanding the problems and doing his best to adapt without sacrificing who he is. He has lived in three dissimilar countries, switched across twelve educational institutions and learned many skills along the way. As a designer, he has learned to listen and react, both of which serve as a fundamental part of his creative practice. 

With bilingual roots, Manmeet aims to bridge the gap between cultures by being an advocate for their unheard experiences, in professional and personal environments. The concept of duality intrigues him and he continues to learn new ways to be uncomfortable. 

Currently, the biggest question on his mind is:

What is design without kindness?

Outside of Graphic Design and CTC, he enjoys streaming on Twitch, beatboxing, skating, writing about his experiences and listening to varied genres of music.