Manmeet Sodhi

I grew up in an environment where technology was the forefront of my experience and I will always be grateful for that. Code has taught me to think logically about solutions at times and think a few steps ahead while designing. The ability to plan and execute multiple steps within my head has always been part of practice as a designer.

My father was the one who introduced me to code, trying to get me to start with JBasic when I was young. It didn’t stick but now, twelve years later at college, I find myself enjoying it. Even if the code didn’t stick, a majority of my conversations with my father were about technology. I always felt connected with it and to this day, I practice keeping myself up to date with it.

This project allowed me to summarize my connection with my father to a certain extent. We spoke at length about the parallels between coders and artists, the moments they share in life and how their practices feel similar at times. Additionally, I got the chance to share my upbringing in an indirect way. The spreads have my life story sprinkled all over them, as I grew up listening to my father talk about life and where it may take me one day.